Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Who we are

Our website address is: is an administrator and processor of personal data as it provides services registered users.  We would kindly ask you to accept the new terms in order to continue our joint work.

1. Which data do we collect?

In order to comply with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, coming into force on the 25.05.2018, we provide you a list of the personal data that we need to meet the regulatory requirements outlined in the general terms and conditions above. The personal data we will require includes:

  • First and last name – they are the minimal information for identification
  • E-mail – it will also serve as an “log in” id (along with your password)
  • Encrypted password – when you sign up you type your password, which is the second “log in” id (along with your e-mail). With your password you can log in in the platform and not only be able to have access to your resources (in your personal account), but also you have the opportunity to change the list of personal data that we collect and process or even withdraw your consent.
  • Phone number –  we will require this so that we can keep in touch with you in case of any problems with the platform or you can easily communicate with the other users of the platform with which you become “friends”
  • Information about you age –in accordance with the new regulations, if you are under 14 years old we will need approval from your parents in order to be able to collect, process and save your personal data. To make things simpler we hope that your parents will help you with the registration of your account.
  • Personal/professional information and a photo – As an uder you have to describe yourself, your skills, and your interest so that you can successfully communicate with the other users of the platform. You can change or delete your information/photo whenever you like.

2. Reason for processing your personal data

If you accept the terms and conditions you automatically give  the authority to process your personal data by virtue of article 6, paragraph 1, b, GDPR between and you.

3. Personal data storage period

We will store your data up to 1 year after your decision to withdraw your consent or after you’ve deactivated your account. After withdraw/deactivation we encrypt and store your data into a save archive, so that we can protect ourselves in the event of a conflict.

4. Right to access

Log in your account with your e-mail and password and you will be able to see the personal data we are collecting and storing

5. Right to edit or supplement

You can either edit, or supplement or delete your personal data via your account in 

6. Right of limitation

If you think that the data isn’t correct or we use it improperly or you don’t want to use our services anymore, but nevertheless you want us to save your personal data and to protect your interests, you can ask us to limit the processing of it. We will not delete them, but won`t use it too. If that is your case – do not hesitate and contact us here – 

7. Right of portability/transfer

If you want we can provide you with all your information structured and ready to be transferred to another data administrator. If that is your case – do not hesitate and contact us here – 

8. Right to receive information

If you have any questions regarding your personal information – do not hesitate and contact us here – 

9. Right of objection

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. You can do it by sending us an e-mail here –   However, if the processing is necessary to ensure your interests or it is required by the law so that we can provide our services, the objection will be unacceptable. You still have the complete right to refuse direct marketing – you even have a special button in your account.

10. Other provisions

In case your rights in relation toy uor personal data is violated you can file a claim with the Bulgarian commission for  protecting personal data. More info here  (

11. Access to data 

The data is stored on a server owned by Superhosting BG in Sofia.  The data protection is is carried out according to the most up-to-date information security practices. The access to the data is granted only to our team. We are an administrator and processor of the data, and we do not provide it to third parties. The only exception is if we are bound by the law or in the unpleasant event of incidents.

12. Cookies

As you probably know the internet works because of the so called cookies. There are three types of them – the first ones are harmless and we use them to give you the opportunity to save your email and password, for example. The second type are the ones for precise targeting – so that you get personalized ads when you visit another website. The third ones are those for statistics and analyzing. We use all three kinds and work with Google AdWords and Google analytics. Don’t forget that if you log in via your facebook account or share in facebook/twitter, those websites will also “give” you cookies of their own.

13. E-mail correspondence

We have to send you emails such as reminders of upcoming lessons, password recovery, new messages in your account etc. so that our platform works properly.We do NOT attach unwanted content/messages/advertisement to those emails. We can also notify you by email If we change these terms too